Power Tec Solutions Locating in Franklin, KY

(March 10, 2016) Franklin Favorite, Franklin, Kentucky

Another new industry is locating to Franklin.

Power Tec Solutions International, which was established in 2013 to develop, market, and manufacture custom power supply, chargers and UPS solutions for the communications and renewable energies markets, has recently purchased the former Vermont Gage Building located on Reasonover Drive in the Wilkey North Industrial Park in Franklin. The company offers power supplies for optical network fiber suppliers to such area customers as the Franklin Electric Plant Board's fiber division and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities.

Power Tec Solutions International President Stan Battat said the move to locate in Franklin resulted from support demonstrated by the Franklin Simpson Industrial Authority.

"With the support and partnership of the Franklin Simpson Industrial Authority, Power Tec Solutions International decided to develop their second warehouse and logistics facility in the Wilkey North Industrial Park in Franklin, Kentucky," he said.

Drew Hardin, the company's Vice President of Operations, said the effort displayed by Franklin's industrial recruitment team was unmatched by any other area of interest in the southeast.

"For nearly 12 months our team has searched the southeast for a suitable facility and community that would meet our operating needs of today and support our projections for growth and expansion tomorrow," he said. "Denny Griffin and the Franklin Simpson Industrial Authority have gone above and beyond our expectations to find a perfect home to seamlessly transition our day-to-day operations as well as align our team with the additional land needed to expand our facility and scale to meet the demands of our operational growth. The support we've found local to Franklin, Kentucky has been unmatched by other target markets within the southeast as potential areas of interest, and we are proud to have partnered with Denny and the entire Industrial Authority team. Their support and dedication to our team has been invaluable and we look forward to a very long and successful partnership with the Franklin community."

In addition to their 12,000 square foot facility, Power Tec Solutions International is looking to purchase approximately 30 acres in the Wilkey North Industrial Park for future manufacturing operations.

"We are very pleased to have this company locate in our community," said Gary Broady, Chairman of the Franklin Simpson Industrial Authority. "We appreciate Wayne Goodrum, Director of Fiber Operations for the Franklin Electric Plant Board for introducing this great company to our community."

Power Tec Solutions International is expected to employ 10 people at their distribution site. They could hire an additional 30 people when they begin their manufacturing facility in the next few years.

For more information, contact Industrial Authority Executive Director Dennis Griffin at 270-586-4477 or at fsindustry@bellsouth.net.